Walmart Savings Catcher Program: Pay Lowest Prices In-Store at Walmart In Select Markets!

Calling all Walmart shoppers! If you live in Charlotte ,NC, Dallas,TX, Lexington, KY, San Diego ,CA, Atlanta ,GA, or Huntsville, AL and are a Walmart shopper, you may be in luck, as Walmart recently launched a new Beta program for select markets called Walmart Savings Catcher that ensures you’re paying the lowest in-store prices at your local Walmart. Here’s a sample of the new program:

1) After making your in-store purchases at Walmart, go here and enter your receipt number (TC #)  as well as the purchase date found at the bottom of your receipt; this can be found on the right-hand side.

2) Next, click “Get Started” to log into your account using your information.

3)  Walmart Savings Catcher then compares the amount you paid for each eligible item on your receipt, as compared to the advertised prices at other stores in your area (including most grocery items, health & beauty products, and children’s items.

4) If ANY item is advertised at a lower price at a competitor’s store in your area, they’ll match that price and give you the difference in a Walmart eGift Card!

5) Be sure to go here for more details!

Enjoy your savings!


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