Safeway and Albertsons Announce Merger!


Calling all Safeway and Albertson’s shoppers! Yesterday afternoon, Safeway and Albertsons merger that includes over 2,400 stores, as well as the reassurance to their buying-base that no store closes will come in effect as a result of this merger. According to the Press Release, listed on both sites respectfully, customers should expect the following:

“The Merger will enable Albertsons and Safeway to implement operational best practices in order to offer customers an enhanced shopping experience and more competitive prices. Realizing substantial cost savings will allow for investments that are expected to benefit customers, including price reductions as well as store remodels and refurbishments. The diversified network will allow for a broader assortment of products, enhanced fresh and perishable offerings, and expanded private label alternatives for customers.”

Often with mergers, store policies and couponing policies often change, so only time will tell on this front.What do you all think? Please leave comments below!


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