Sams Club: Great Deals On Spices & Soap Dispensers!


Calling all  Savvy savers! I thought I would post a few deals I found yesterday at my local Sam’s Club!


First, they were having several amazing deals on spices and seasonings:



6 Count French’s Brown Gravy Mix, $1.01!




27-ounce Tone’s Curry Powder, $2.01!



28-ounce Tone’s Dried Basil, $2.88!




28-ounce Tone’s Cinnamon Sticks, $2.01!




16-ounce Tone’s Parsley Flakes, $1.01!


I also found this great deal on Soap Dispensers! 




Automatic Brand Soap Dispensers, $2.91 (regularly $38.91)!


Awesome deals can be found at warehouse clubs everyday, even with an envelope savings system in place!


Happy Savings!

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