Crowdtap: Apply To Host A Marc Jacobs Devotee Party!


Calling all Crowdtappers! Be sure to check your accounts here, under the Marc Jacob’s tab, to Apply To Host A Marc Jacobs Devotee Party!Scatter Your Daisy Chains! Daisy is a timeless fragrance by Marc Jacobs that carries a sophisticated, delicate floral scent perfect for eclectic, spontaneous women. Fresh, feminine and innocent, Daisy encompasses hints of violet and notes of strawberry, ruby red grapefruit, and creamy vanilla for an enchanting fresh scent of warmth and comfort.

What’s Your Job? 
To gather you and your fellow free spirited Devotees to share a night of delightful aromas and daisy bracelet making. Make sure to apply Daisy and Eau So Fresh and try to keep track of all the compliments that start rolling in! When they do, make sure to tell them it’s Marc Jacobs Fragrances they’re envying!

Share Your Secret: 
Becoming a Marc Jacobs Devotee affords you certain privileges, like exclusive access to several Marc Jacob’s timeless fragrances like that of Daisy. Encourage your guests to spread the word about Marc Jacobs Fragrances on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in blog posts. Incorporate matching Daisy themed outfits in the pictures you share for extra fun and flair, and be sure to include the hashtag #MJdaisychain in all your tweets!

Those selected will receive a party kit containing:

  • One 3.4 oz. bottle of Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau de Parfum
  • One 4.2 oz. bottle of Daisy Eau So Fresh,
  • Twelve Daisy VOC’s to share with your fellow Devotees,
  • One Daisy mini for you because you’re such a fabulous host
  • Three packets of beads: one in green, white and gold to create your glorious daisy bracelets
  • Several white and gold balloons with ribbons
  • Several faux daisy heads to scatter on your table setting
  • One pretty little brochure that you’re looking at right now!

Good luck, everyone! 

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