EXPOTV.com: Earn Gift Cards By Reviewing Household Favorites!


Hello, savvy savers! If you are anything like me, you love the opportunity to voice your opinions about topics, especially in terms of the household products you use everyday; the quality, safety, price, and usability of products can be an important aspect of out lives. If you feel as I do, I have news for you, EXPOtv.com, a site I have personally used for some time, allows users to fill out a introductory survey about your household, receive invites to make two-three minute short videos, which you will post to your account, expressing your views on household items, and the best part, you will be rewarded for doing so! You can use points to claim Aamzon.com gift cards, paypal payput, and many more options! As cyber safety if a concern on mine, please note that the videos you produce can only be seen by other Expo members and manufacturers looking to improve products, cannot be transferred or altered online by others.


In addition to this awesome program, you also can be chose for their TRYOOGY program, where you will have products sent to you, usually in large packages or quantities, for you to try and review. You will be given a timeframe to upload your video, and the program staff will give you feedback on your video as well. The more you try, the more programs will be opened up to you. Keep in mind, you will be able to keep all items for free! Some of the past programs I have seen open where for HP tablets, laundry detergent packages (full size), sleep machines, air fresheners, baby diapers, clothing, and more! I have personally been accepted to try cat litter, deodorant, air fresheners, laundry detergent, and shampoo in the last four months!


Also, this site has a great survey panel site, which also allows you to receive rewards as well!

Please note, this is not an endourcement for Expotv.com, but my own opinions, experiences, and trials!

This is a  great site, and if you are interested in joining, please click here for more information!

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