Frugal Living Tip: Keep Veggies Crisper With A Sponge!


Hello, savvy savers! While many of my readers will be spending their weekends entertaining with friends and family, some of you will be joining me in planning weekly meal and menus for the week ahead. If you are planning on using fresh fruits and veggies in your cooking, as I am, be sure to try this simple trick. Use a clean, unused kitchen sponge, in the bottom of your refrigerator crisper bins, or in small container crispers, and you will be able to extend the life of your produce up to an extra week! The sponge will absorb moisture, allowing a stop on growing mold, mildew, and wilting! When your produce if eaten, simply rinse your sponge out using filtered water, microwave thirty second, and let cool on a trivet; I store my sponges in ziplock bags, labeled for produce absorption. Sea sponges and loofah can work as well. Enjoy your produce and veggie shopping!

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