Frugal Living Tip: Reusing Wax Melts Tutorial!


Hello, savvy savers! This morning, I wanted to blog about one of the many ways I have found to save a few dollars here and there one on the things I love most in my home, wax candle melts! If you are anything like me, you have probably tried a variety of wax melts and tarts! I have tried them all including Yankee Candle, Scentsy, and the like! Sadly, the smell of these melts dissipates rather quickly, and within days you are left with a small pool of wax! Most would throw this puddle of goo out, but for me, I seek to re-invent!

Some 0f the ways I do this is by:


1) Re-constituting the wax.  As you know, pure beeswax, does not dissipate, but rather only loses its smell and can last for years. One rather economic and green way to re-constitute your wax melts, is to reconstitute the wax with essential oils.  I save my wax by carefully placing the leftover wax into a double-bagged ziplock bag, and then storing the bag in a dry, cool place. When I have accumulated several blocks of wax, say six or seven packs of wax, I will then reconstitute them by lining a crockpot with a crockpot liner, place the blocks on the low setting, and once they are liquified, add several drops of essential oil; you can also use a neat trick by creating a double boiler out of glass candle jars, water, and sauce pans. Be sure to also save the original wax melt containers, and when my wax melts are no longer fragranced, I often put them carefully back into their original containers, rest the containers on trivets, and let them cool, before storing them. I even try to save on my essential oils, as I often accumulate survey points, turn them into gift cards, and use these gift cards to buy extras for around my home. Some of these extras are essential oils, such as the Now Foods Lavender Oil. I find that the essential oils often smell better, and cleaner, than that of my original waxes and melts as well; using this method drops the cost of each wax melt pack to $0.15 a pack, a nearly 98% savings. You can also cool wax by placing the wax into ice trays and freezing, for more rapid results. Please note, I designate a silicone spatula for this project and store it as such, and do not use it for other food preparations. 


2) Make potpourri. Collect small pine cones or spruce cones, acorns, walnuts, or the like. Melt your wax very slowly in a double boiler, or in a crockpot lined with crockpot liners, set on low. Take turns dipping your items in the wax. Be sure to use these outdoors, as the  or simply drizzle the wax over certain items. This same idea can be used to make fire starters, with the addition of placing the items in cardboard egg cartons, and then drizzling wax over the items and sections of the carton. Be sure to use these outdoors, as the wax may catch fire.

images (3)

3) Make holiday gifts. You can acquire cheap candy molds in various seasonal shapes, at your local arts and craft stores, and even at some larger stores from time to time after holidays; I generally buy silicone molds. Use the same method listed above for wax reconstitution, and then pour the wax into your candy molds, which should be placed on trivets, and let harden. When the molds have hardened, you have cute wax chips which an be placed in tissue papers, sachet bags, or inexpensive holiday jars; these make great holiday hostess, teacher, and church-friends gifts as well! Also, be on the lookout for inexpensive holiday themed wax warmers at your local retailers, which often o as low as 90% off, and can be paired nicely with this cheap gift idea! This same idea can be used to make candles tarts or crayons as well! This is a staple in my gift closet arsenal!

images (2)

4) Make candles. Using the same model as example one, you can reconstitute your wax, place it in inexpensive candle molds, and then drop wicks into your candle molds, and attach clothespins to the tops of the wicks to prevent wicks from falling into your cooling wax; note that candle molds are often cheaply obtainable at your local craft stores.  Beautiful older tins and tea cups also work well for this project as well!

What awesome wax projects have you created? Please leave your ideas in the comments section below!

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